…because God eventually kills every life form

I have been watching war movies recently, and see that powerful nations bomb countries that it fights with, killing innocent people.

So, an element of power is ability to kill lives without big repercussions. Not only will people not be against you, but will hero worship you and align with you.



Source: Wikipedia

I joined my dream company. They placed a red carpet to welcome me

The first day the CEO met and told me how critical my role is to the company

The first month, the team celebrated my accomplishment

At the end of first year, I won an award at the company event for exceeding expectations

They gave me a birthday card on my birthday

Today, the company eliminated my position — Apparently they have been planning this layoff for the last 6 months.

If so, I wondered how shallow their birthday wish was.

Why would they send me a birthday wish last week, when they knew that my job would be gone in a week?



This poem is dedicated to the people that feel less confident about themselves, and their value to their family and society at large

I was a burden to my family

I was a burden to my teachers

I was a burden to my society, now

I am a burden to the noose