Real reason you should find something you love to DO

Languishing Philosopher
1 min readJun 26, 2022

Killing Boredom and increasing mental health

As a child, we want to play

As an adult in early stages, we want to travel and experience the goodness of this world

As time passes, and middle age sets in (say 45+), the world stops to entice you. Travel seems like a chore. You can only entertain yourself 10 hours in a day, and the rest of the time is an unbearable boredom. If you have no meaningful work that you like to do, then there is no way to pass the time.

At 45+, my work is close to boredom. I watch a lot of movies, YouTube, listen to Literary stuff and stories, yet, I feel bored. I am searching for something magical to engage myself in. I have tried to offer free tutoring to students, but couldn’t find anyone interested in learning math.

I wish I can engage myself in something. If I could go back to my childhood, I would start developing some sort of passion that involves physical labor, like exercise routines or woodwork.