Story of 2 goats

Languishing Philosopher
2 min readMay 20, 2022

Life is unfair

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Two goats, Billy and Joel grew up as friends. Their day consists of getting up from their happy sleep, and wandering around near by forest. Their owner, Tom, made their life very comfortable.

During one spring, Tom started giving special tasty food only to Billy. Joel was tied a little away from Billy, so that Joel doesn’t eat from Billy’s food pile. While Billy and Joel wondered why this was happening, Billy felt happy and elated that he is being treated with special care. Joel badly wanted to taste the food, and felt miserable for being left out. This happened for over a month, and Billy put on a good amount of weight.

On a special day, Billy was given a bath, and was decorated with flowers and perfume. Joel could not tolerate the partiality, and the treatment his friend Billy was receiving from Tom, the owner. Joel thought that Billy is probably doing from secret favor to Tom for receiving such a nice treatment.

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The next day, Joel got up from sleep. People were celebrating and eating mutton briyani, and his friend Billy went missing. Joel never saw Billy goat again in his life.